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The ethos of cafe@abantu


We created abantu for likeminded people who cared about where, how and what they bought. A coffee shop was not even a thought in our 10-year plan, but it became our community. 

Cafe at Abantu

The important aspects to trading fairly for the Slade family and abantu are:


  • No children are used in any production lines.

  • Not to sell products made in sweatshops or factories where children are used for labour.

  • That children should play with toys and not make them - unless they are crafting at home with mum and dad.

  • Children should not wear clothes made by other children.

Our policy includes:


  • Selling only products that do not damage the environment any further.
  • Having a conscious and caring approach when making a purchase.
  • Being as green as possible.
  • Supporting children orphaned in Africa, by sponsoring. 
Cafe at Abantu

More than just a cafe


We incorporated this ethos into café@abantu, offering a more ethical environment with fair-trade coffee and tea, as well as using fairly traded or locally sourced ingredients in our food. Our environmentally friendly ethos includes using green products for our takeaways and ensuring recycling is part of this.


cafe@abantu is more than just a cafe. Will it change the world? Probably not. But we believe everything we do makes a difference, and the more people that choose the fair-trade way the more positive impact we can have together!


Every sip or mouthful you take in cafe@abantu is supporting children, farmers and the environment, helping little by little to create a fairer world.